Reimagining storage to create furniture for learning

The recent success of the year 9 and 10 IST students at the State and National RoboCup competitions was given significant help from the work of the NBCS Support Services team and in particular Ben Pridmore who created a custom-built Robot Soccer table for the students to practice with. This table has been popular with visiting educators on tours of the school.

RoboCup Table

Demonstration game of Robot Soccer for touring party

The table is no longer in use in 2012 but will be needed once the 2013 school year starts as the the students will need to prepare for the 2013 World Robotics Olympiad in Jakarta next November. In the meantime, the sheer size and weight of the table posed problems for its secure storage. Various mobile solutions were not very practical. The TAS team at NBCS however came up with a creative solution whereby the the table would remain in the Design Studio of the Greenway Centre but would have three panels of removable table tops to cover it. These table top panels have now been completed by Ben and the Support Services team. Each panel has a different surface on each side allowing for a flexible combination of cutting surfaces, whiteboard surfaces and the novelty retro blackboard surfaces.

Robot Soccer table with table tops designed for flexible learning

Robot Soccer table with table tops designed for flexible learning

The table is very popular with students as they reuse a learning space that had become redundant due to the scale of the Robot Soccer table. The table is also very popular with touring educators. Because of its popularity it is hoped that a sponsorship scheme may be set up to allow advertising on the table walls. All the proceeds would go to the various NBCS Mission projects in operation around the world. If you would like to offer a sponsorship, please contact Liam Dunphy at NBCS.