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Great article from Anne Knock about learning spaces, using the example of the new Greenway Centre for Design & Technology where I am working with my team to build personalised learning for students in a gamified project based learning curriculum. Thanks Anne 🙂

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When I walk into a classroom the physical environment shouts at me. It tells me what is valued, how students learn and where the power is.

What would this tell you?


  • desks in fixed rows
  • teacher’s desk at the front of the room
  • windows covered with black plastic on both sides to stop light (and the view)
  • bare brick walls
  • empty pin boards
  • four walls
  • fluorescent lights
  • accumulating ‘stuff’

Or this one?

  • variety of furniture
  • no front
  • plenty of natural light
  • colour and design
  • quality lighting
  • open and inviting

Does something happen in the minds of students as they move from primary to high school? Maybe an inviting physical environment won’t be appreciated by the students or is it a distraction to ‘real learning’.

Many classrooms reinforce the survival skills for the industrial era:

  1. Copying from the board
  2. Being fed from the teacher
  3. Maintaining silence
  4. Memorisation for regurgitation
  5. Playing…

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