Brigidine College, St Ives

2003 – 2006  – Brigidine College, St Ives

I returned to teaching in 2003 after being invited to teach IT subjects at Brigidine St Ives by the Principal, Mr John Bowie AM.

I worked closely with Janine Martin who was the Head of IT and she helped me to understand the teaching programming requirements related to the IT subjects in the NSW BOS syllabus. Together we were successful at raising the standards achieved by students in the HSC  as well as putting together a professional development program to assist teaching staff with their upskilling to embrace the integration of ICT across the curriculum.

My pastoral duties were mainly with Year 12 under the guidance of Ms Maree Lindsay who was the Year 12 Co-ordinator. Maree and  Michael Halliday (Assistant Principal, Mission) provided a great influence for and inspiration for me on my return to teaching. I especially enjoyed working with Maree and Michael on the Year 12 retreats where we connected in a very fulfilling and affirming way with the spiritual journey of the senior students.

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